Vetreria Resanese
Now VR is a stock company with 50 employees, and it is a well-established international reality for what regards the production of glass components for classic and designer lighting fixtures. Its industrial productive capacity and its hand-crafting skills let Resanese keep its production to the highest level of excellence even in case of large-quantity runs granting, at the same time, flexibility. Glass handiworks are produced by using moulds forged according to the design requested by our client or based on the intuitions of our glass-masters. Next step is the production of the prototype and then the quantity production-run. We have the capability to produce piastra glass, cast-glass, and wire glass. Mass production in based on blanket orders entered by our clients. The further steps of our production is the cold-work process, sandblasting (if required) and/or decorations. The production process is completed after the quality-control checks according to ISO 9001 requirements and with the shipment of the goods.