Vetreria Resanese
At the beginning of our story there were 7 persons and their wish to create a business-reality devoted to Murano glass and its art. it was in 1983, when Danilo Macchion and 6 collaborators started their business, producing hand-made glass items in a small furnace. in this “laboratory” the hand-crafting skills of these people met their will to use all the resources that modern technology could provide. This approach gave the possibility to satisfy the demands of our clients; this way of finding a balance between technology and tradition was probably the reason of our success, bringing in 1992 the possibility to build a new plant turning a small laboratory into a real industrial reality. The company is supported by its own productive capacities but above all by the tight cohesion among the people who are vital part of the company. Now both managers and manpower share the same goal: keep improving to satisfy our clients.